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Yo Hasbro! Listen Up!

(written by Nichole Davis)

Hi and welcome to the first installment of "My 2 Cents".

When I first came up with the idea for this (weekly) column I considered using it as a "rant"-type column where I would just rant, rave, bitch and moan about whatever it is that happened to be on my mind at the time when I was to write it. It would have been Star Wars related, of course! I've since decided to stick with that idea to an extent but I want to also try to make certain that I can put more of a positive spin on it by the end of the column.

          You know, I am so damn sick and tired of the moronic choices made by whomever it is at Hasbro who decides what character to put into plastic next! Ok, we all love Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker but how many different versions of Luke Jedi Knight do we really want or need? Re-sculpting characters that have already been released would be a fine idea AFTER they've (Hasbro) already done action figures of each and every other possible character from the Star Wars universe! Where is our Cammie figure? Where's Fixer? Where are the Tonnika Sisters? Where are the Imperial Dignitaries as seen in Return of the Jedi? I could go on and on as, I am certain of, could each and every other Star Wars fan/collector. Why is it that Hasbro sees the action figures of these over-done characters continually warming the pegs in every retail outlet across the country and yet they continue to bore us with the same characters over and over again? Are the folks at Hasbro's Star Wars division THAT clueless? It makes no sense when there are so many wonderful characters from the films that they've yet to produce as an action figure but yet they don't seem to know this fact, or maybe it's that they don't care what we, as collectors, want!?!? Yes, kids do make up a percentage of the consumers of Hasbo's Star Wars line, but it seems fairly obvious to me that we collectors make up a much larger percentage! Although with regards to some other action figure lines I am sure that kids are buying a larger number of units than the adult collectors are but when it comes to Star Wars, the collectors surely outnumber the kids.

          If anyone from Hasbro ends up reading this, I have a message for you. That message is this: "Wake up Hasbro! We (the collectors) spend the majority of our paychecks on products from your Star Wars line of action figures and accessories and therefor our wants and opinions should be taken in consideration when you sit down at the table and make choices about which characters are to become action figures! How about , rather than 3 or 4 per year, ALL of your action figures are "Collector's/Fan's Choice" action figures?"

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